Alex Petrov

Kategorija: DJ Set
Muzički pravac: Techno

Alex Petrov was born in Kragujevac, Serbia on August 21, 1996. He startedhis career in music in 2009 and later embarked on his production career in 2014. He was the resident DJ at clubs Soprano and Vanilla 2012 2019. Alex . He has collaborated with ViniVici, Blastoyz, Terra Music, and Bizarre. He is currently working with Dacosta and PsyWorld Record Labels. Alex currently owns and manages WT Hub Record label. He is also collaborating with India based Psytrance Artist Bramha Music and TECHNOProducer Rob Capadonna from Miami, USA. Experience Clubs and Festivals Club Soprano Serbia Club Vanilla Serbia Hills Up Serbia Foam Festival, Serbia Bedem Festival Sumadija Festival Serbia Tribe Festival Serbia.